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And how putting everything under the Notion umbrella can help your company’s productivity soar.

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Skip the headache — use Notion to provide documentation for customers. Perfect for software engineers, support teams, and startups.

  • Internal Wiki
  • Help-Guides for customers
  • API Documentation
  • HR Wiki
  • Document storage
  • Engineering Wiki
  • Product Roadmap
  • Sales Playbook
  • Basic CRM
  • […]

Want an example?

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For $0 you can put your most important customer data in Notion and build your business around it.


PWAs — The mobile app technology of the future. But, what are they? How do they work? And how can I convert my website into one?

So, what are PWA’s?


Everything you need to know to successfully deploy a cross-platform solution in 2020.

When is this coming to Android?

And what Deno needs to do to overtake Node.js.

If you’re not embarrassed by code you wrote 6 months ago, you aren’t growing.


And the takeaways I learned from it.

Skiwise App as of today (9/13/2020)

Using a container metaphor to provide a minimal and modular microservice-esque solution to managing state.

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What’s the Container Pattern?

Curated advice from a college student who’s made all the mistakes before

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1. You Don’t Need to Know How to Program Yet


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