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Firestore has it’s use-case, but if your product lies slightly outside of that then you should be aware of the limitations.

Google Firestore is Google’s propriety NoSQL Document-Based Database. Paired with the rest of the Firebase suite such as Cloud Functions, Firebase Auth and Firebase Storage this can look like a pretty attractive tech stack for startups or solo-developers looking to get an app up and running quickly.

This is exactly…

And how this design patterns can cut down development time & make messy forms a thing of the past.

Ughh… why does form code in React always get so messy?

It starts out simple: a <form> component, a couple input fields, and a submit button. But soon things get a little more complicated.

You think, “hmmm.. I want some more validation for this zip code field”. …

And how putting everything under the Notion umbrella can help your company’s productivity soar.

I’ve been using Notion as a core tool for my business for almost a year now. In that time, this tool has crept up into more and more use-cases. Between roadmapping, documentation, CRM, onboarding, email templates, etc, I sometimes wonder if there’s anything Notion can’t do.

So a couple months…

[Image from: https://engine.so]

Skip the headache — use Notion to provide documentation for customers. Perfect for software engineers, support teams, and startups.

Want to write your API docs completely in Notion and publish them anywhere? Try Engine.so for Notion. Build a self-service knowledge base for your customers in 2 minutes or less.

Ask any developer and they’ll agree: Notion is awesome. It truly is the all-in-one workspace for your company.

At my…

[image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=783ccP__No8]

For $0 you can put your most important customer data in Notion and build your business around it.

As a solo entrepreneur, I frequently have to do many of the same tasks as larger companies but with significantly less budget and less time. This makes it important that I have tools that let me work fast and don’t break the bank to do it.

That’s why Notion is…

PWAs — The mobile app technology of the future. But, what are they? How do they work? And how can I convert my website into one?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are becoming more widespread every day and when you see their benefits it’s easy to understand why.

PWA’s are proven to bring about higher customer engagement, higher customer retention, and increased conversion rates to your web app.

So, what are PWA’s?

To put it simply, PWA’s are basically phone and…


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